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Welcome to InYourGrasp, the on-line resource for BC families. This joint venture has been developed between three of British Columbia’s most comprehensive, non-profit organizations serving foster and adoptive families. The BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations (BCFFPA), the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC), and the Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents (FAFP), have combined their resources and expertise to create a regional and provincial database of available community resources.

The BCFFPA, AFABC, and FAFP have individually proven their dedication to improving the lives of children, youth and their families throughout British Columbia. This project is yet another way to strengthen the community support network that has been developed to assist all families.

Financial Assistance for upgrading and maintenance of the In Your
Grasp Database has been obtained through grants from:

The Ministry of Children and Family Development
The BC Adoption and Permanency Trust Fund - Victoria Foundation
The BC Gaming Commission

Start searching the database is a project of:

BC Federation of Foster
Parent Associations


Adoptive Families Association
of British Columbia


Federation of Aboriginal
Foster Parents

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